Cherry Pairs Silent Switches With G80-3000 Keyboard

After Corsair’s exclusive deal with Cherry on the latter company’s MX Silent switches expired, it was just a matter of time before we saw products launching with them on board. It’s no surprise that the first we heard of was from Cherry itself.

Cherry announced at CES that its long-running G80-3000 keyboard will be available with both MX Silent Red and MX Silent Black switches. The device will be called the MX Board Silent. As we mentioned when we wrote about the announcement of these switches, there’s little difference between Reds and Blacks save for the force required to operate them (45cN vs. 60 cN, respectively). They’re even both linear switches.

One other slight adjustment coming to the G80-3000 is the addition of n-key rollover (NKRO).

Cherry said that, unfortunately for North American typers, the MX Board Silent will be available only in the international EU layout. For those abroad, you can pick up one of these keyboards in gray or black for $149.

  • wifiburger
    that picture reminds of my old AT keyboard hooked to 286, so hot I need to buy this product,