Commodore to return to US market

Commodore, the brand that sold the first mass-produced home-computer in the early to late 1980s, is about to return to the US. Even before the launch, we have to crush your hopes for another revolutionary computer. Instead, the company announced that it will show three devices, aimed at three different market segments, at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

Basically an Entertainment PC, the "MediaBox" is an "all-in-one" home entertainment device that offers a hard disk recorder, the capability to playback digital image slideshows as well as music, TV programming and videos. The "Navigator" is a hard drive based mobile GPS device that doubles as portable multimedia player. The "Multimedia Tower" is a commercial kiosk designed for stores to enable customers to download various types of digital media to portable devices. The company said that the kiosk is "compatible with most mobile phones and MP3 players worldwide."

The "Commodore International BV" brand was purchased earlier this year by Yeahronimo Ventures from Tulip Computers. Commodore was established as a subsidiary of Yeahronimo to sell media players and digital music. In September of this year, the "Commodore Gaming" brand was created through a joint venture with the Content factory that provided the firm with about $16 million in cash funding. One month later, Yeahronimo changed its name to Commodore International Corporation and adapted the original "C" sign of Commodore as its company logo.