Computex 2018: Highlights From Day 2

Computex 2018 is officially starting to ramp up. The assembled mass of companies, insiders, and members of the media has started to shake off the jet lag and fall into the usual trade show rhythm: wake up, caffeinate, see as much as possible, caffeinate some more, and then go to bed at some ungodly hour. We do it for you, dear reader, so we can bring you as much news from the jam-packed show floor as we possibly can.

Intel For The

The highlight from Computex's second day was a keynote address from Intel. The company revealed a veritable menagerie of new products, from the 40th-anniversary-celebrating Core i7-8086K and a 28-core processor clocked at 5GHz to new Optane storage and machine learning-powered laptops developed with Asus. The company definitely put on a good show--now the question is how well (and when) it can follow up. Needless to say, we're just as excited to get our hands on these products as you are, and hopefully those wishes are fulfilled sooner than later.

Happy Belated Mother(board)'s Day

Aside from the keynote address from Intel, much of our second-day coverage revolved around new motherboards from the likes of MSI and Gigabyte. Both companies announced new B450 motherboards for budget-conscious gamers and new X399 beasts for people who care more about board's performance than they do about its price tag. Check out all our motherboard-related coverage from Computex's show floor so far:

A Laptop For Every Segment

Laptops can be as variable as desktop systems. Some people want the smallest and lightest notebook around; others want enough power to play their favorite games with minimal compromise. Manufacturers want to appeal to those two extremes and everyone in between, so it's no wonder that we saw a wide variety of laptops on display in Taipei. Here are some of the ones we've managed to take some peeks at thus far:

The Best Of The Rest

Not everything can fit into a neat little category. From smart wristbands to systems with fish living in them, here are some of the odds and ends:

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Nathaniel Mott
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