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Intel faces new challenges as it approaches its 50th anniversary next month, but even with the backdrop of difficulties that impact its underlying process technologies, the company assured the audience at Computex 2018 that it is still delivering new innovations that will power its next generation of products. Intel's continued diversification, which finds it focusing on new market segments as it attempts to reduce its reliance on its bread and butter PC business, has the company facing stiff competition from entrenched competitors with deep pockets. Meanwhile, its old foe AMD has reemerged with competitive products that continue to whittle away at Intel's PC market dominance.

Intel's Gregory Bryant took to the stage to outline the company's five guiding principles as it moves into the future.

2:04pm TPE: Sorry for the late start, the presentation hall has a terrible internet connection.

2:05PM TPE: Bryant just announced the new Core i7-8600K processor. The company is giving away 8,086 processors to the public. You can find our full coverage of the new processor here.

2:06PM TPE: Intel is launching new Whiskey Lake U-Series and Amber Lake Y-Series processors later this year, no additional details.

2:10PM TPE: Intel is working to improve notebook battery life.

2:15PM TPE: Intel is discussing its power improvements to laptops, which is partially enabled by lower-power panel technology.

2:15PM TPE: Intel plans to be the leader in 5G connectivity.

2:15PM TPE: Intel touts its 5G systems it deployed at the Olympics, has a working 5G network in the Computex ballroom for a live demo.

2:16PM TPE: Intel has several OEM partners bringing 5G capable systems to market in 2019.

2:16PM TPE: A Sprint representative comes on stage. He says that moving to 5G is like the difference between black and white and color.

2:18PM TPE: Intel is also working on new form factors to enable new designs that are more adaptable. This is a continuation of many of Intel's projects in the past, like the Ultrabook form factor.

2:19PM TPE: A Lenovo representative has come on stage. He says the company is working with Intel to make the PC experience more like a cellphone.

2:20PM TPE: Lenovo's Yoga Book exemplifies many of these goals, the company is already working on the second-gen model.

2:20PM TPE: Lenovo displayed its second-gen Yoga Book, dual screens, but no technical details.

2:26PM TPE: Intel's next step is to bring AI to the PC. Intel will now launch an AI PC developer program. Provides tools and training for developers. The company plans to be more involved in the developer community than ever.

2:27PM TPE: Jerry Shen from Asus has come on to stage to display the company's dual-screen Precog Project. Asus displayed the device and gave us the full rundown a few hours earlier at its own press conference. You can find our coverage here.

2:27PM TPE: Shen displayed the Zenbook Pro, the first laptop with an Movidius VPU for AI workload acceleration.

2:28PM TPE: Tentpole Films has come on stage for a demo.

2:29PM TPE: Using Maya to do real time visual manipulation.

2:30PM TPE: Using Adobe Premier for final renders.

2:31PM TPE: The Tentpole team used new unreleased systems for the demo. Bryant presents several new designs that Intel worked with OEMs to tailor for content creators.

2:32PM PT: Intel announces M.2 form factor Intel Optane 905p. Intel demos speed-up over the original 705p.

2:40PM TPE: Intel is bringing new S-Series processors to market later this year, but Bryant can't share details yet.

2:43PM TPE: Instead, Intel is demoing a new desktop-class 28-core processor running Cinebench. Scores 7,334 in multi-core test. This 28-core model will come to market in Q4 of this year.

2:55PM TPE: The AI band comes on stage as Bryant prepares to wrap the show up. We've seen similar demonstrations of Movidius processors in the past. Two human band members play music along with two real-time AI avatars.

3:00PM TPE: In fact, this is the third time we have seen this demo, which originally debuted at CES 2017.

3:05PM TPE: Okay, this is new. Bryant is playing drums. And he's pretty good!

3:10PM TPE: Gregory Bryant, short on breath after his drum demo, thanks the crowd for 50 years of supporting Intel and hopes for 50 more.

Paul Alcorn
Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech

Paul Alcorn is the Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech for Tom's Hardware US. He also writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage, and enterprise hardware.

  • hotaru251
    "28-core processor"

    that is the most interesting bit to me.
  • AgentLozen
    I'm sure 5G wireless technology, Optane M.2 SSDs, and AI laptops will have a profound effect on the future, but I really just wanted to hear about Cannon Lake updates and new CPU announcements.

    Dad Comes Home with Hungry Howie's (pizza restaurant) Analogy:

    Dad: "Hey gang. I'm back from Hungry Howies with dinner!"
    Me: "I can't wait to dig in. I'm starving. What did you get?"
    Dad: "Just wait until you see what I have in store for YOU! First, the salad. It comes with romaine lettuce, little tomatoes, ham, salami, cheese, and black olives."
    Me: "That will be good! What else?"
    Dad: "Not so fast! We asked for no onions and Hungry Howies delivered. There are no onions on this salad. Also, there are TWO different varieties of dressing to meet all of your flavor needs."
    Me: "Okay, cool dad. What else did you get?"
    Dad: "Well I'm glad you asked. Introducing: Howie Bread! That's right, this is Hungry Howie's award winning bread coating in their proprietary Herb Mixture™."
    Me: "Boring! What else did you get?"
    Dad: "Next is the main event! The show stopper!"
    Me: "Is it CANNON LAKE? I mean the pizza?"
    Dad: "Actually, no. It's the dipping sauce. Butter garlic cheese to be exact. You can now dip your Howie Bread or salad (if you're a weirdo) into a delicious packet of butter garlic cheese dipping sauce to enhance the flavor to unheard of levels!"
    Me: "Gosh darn it Intel! I don't care about any of that stuff!"

    See? That's how it is for me.
  • jakjawagon
    Intel is discussing its power improvements to laptops, which is partially enabled by lower-power panel technology.
    i.e. something Intel has little to do with.

    the company is working with Intel to make the PC experience more like a cellphone.
    No. Stop that. Microsoft already tried that with Windows 8, and look where that got them.

    And here's the part of my comment where I complain about Tomshardware site problems.
    The UK version of this article stops midsentence, before even the first update to the US version.
    It is impossible to log in with third party cookies disabled, unless an exception is added for auth0, which I had to Google, because the error message says nothing helpful.