Conroe, Merom release expected from Intel at 11:30 PST

Santa Clara (CA) - Reuters this morning made public the news that is still hours away from being made official: Intel will officially unveil its Conroe and Merom processor architectures into its Core 2 Duo series, in a gala announcement slated for 11:30 Pacific Time this morning. Multiple press sources in Europe and Asia have also picked up the news.

The Conroe news was expected, but as late as yesterday, whether or not Intel would make Merom part of the announcement has actually been a matter of some confusion. Some US spokespersons for Intel told Tom's Hardware Guide last week that they were under the impression Merom was slated for release some weeks later. And as late as yesterday, representatives with major ODMs in Taiwan told Tom's that they were not given any heads-up about Merom's release today - just Conroe's.

As the day proceeds, we may learn more about how and why Merom's launch was accelerated. As you know, TG Daily will be covering news from Intel throughout the day.

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