CM Storm's Gaming Mouse Is Simple And Effective

Cooler Master is known primarily for making cooling products and cases, although the company also makes peripherals. These fall under the company's CM Storm branding, and today the company added a new gaming mouse to its arsenal with the Mizar. This mouse aims to bring a simple but functional design to the table.

The mouse is designed with a total of seven buttons, including the standard left and right buttons, middle mouse click, forward and backward navigation and two DPI switchers. It is a right-handed mouse and weighs in at 121 grams. It does not come with a weight system, although some customization is offered in the form of adjustable colors for the CM Storm logo.

Being a gaming mouse, it also comes with a gaming grade sensor: the Avago 9800. On this mouse, the sensor provides a DPI rating of up to 8200, which by default is adjustable to four different levels. The mouse also comes with a braided cable, although some folks dislike this recent trend, as braided cables are stiffer and can get caught easily, which impedes your gaming accuracy.

What are your experiences with braided cables? Do you like them, or would you prefer to see gaming mice go back to using standard rubber cables?

Pricing for the mouse is set at $59.99, and it is available immediately.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Urzu1000
    I love the idea and look of braided cables, but having two peripherals that have braided cables, my mouse and my headset, I think they should all be burned.

    They can become very stubborn and hard to manage, as they like to tangle in on themselves and twist in odd ways. I'll pull out one tangle, and a few inches down, the cord will tie itself into knots that boy scouts have trouble learning.

    As a cord it's terrible, but I definitely think braided cables have potential in survival training demonstrations involving knots.
  • atavax
    9800 is a horrible sensor, not a fan of braided cables either although my current mouse of choice uses one.
  • tom10167
    Braiding a single cable, lol. $60 for this, lol
  • RCguitarist
    Braided cables just make noise as they rub on the backside edge of a desk. Regular cables do not. That said, I love my Coolermaster Xornet mouse. It cost me $20. No need to spend $60+ on a mouse unless you are making an income off of game playing IMO.
  • padremaronno
    That said, I love my Coolermaster Xornet mouse. It cost me $20. No need to spend $60+ on a mouse unless you are making an income off of game playing IMO.

    This, a hundred times. Very happy with a Xornet, after coming from a CM Storm Inferno and a Logitech G9. The only downside was the crappy plastic aroind the dpi buttons, but I fixed it with a little tape.

  • RedJaron
    Looks a lot like the old MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0. How I miss that mouse. . .
  • squirrelboy
    i think braided cables are great for file transfer, charging cables and maybe things like HDMI cables since they are very rugged. But for mice they are annoying as they are too stiff and get caught behind stuff. They are ok for headsets though.
  • O2MEND
    I use the Logitech G9x and that being said I'am not a fan of braided mouse cables.
  • Ninjamilez
    Of course it's another laser sensor. Stahp.
  • Optimus_Toaster
    There are good lasers and bad lasers. Just like there are good optical sensors and bad optical sensors. I prefer lasers as they do not emit any visible light.

    Also I am surprised by the negative feedback towards braided cables. I have 0 issues with mine and find it makes everything better as rubber has a far higher friction coefficient that the fabric of the braid. Also it looks nice in my opinion and helps strengthen the cable.
    Different strokes for different folks I suppose.