Taste The Rainbow With Cooler Master Octane Combo

Cooler Master introduced on Tuesday the CM Storm Octane mouse and keyboard combo. Building on the previous Devastator combo, these peripherals feature seven LED backlighting color options as well as several lighting effects such as breathing, which will cycle through all seven colors. The colors of the mouse and keyboard can also be changed independently.

According to the company, the mouse has an AVAGO 3050 optical sensor that provides four DPI levels ranging from 500 DPI to 3500 DPI. The mouse can also endure up to 10 million clicks. Unfortunately, the company doesn't provide additional hardware details. However, the provided image below shows the possible DPI buttons on the top, and two extra buttons on the left side.

As for the keyboard, the peripheral has adjustable repeat rates, custom membrane keyswitches and ABS keycaps. There's no on-board memory or macro keys, but there is a Windows Key lock function so you're not accidentally shooting back to the desktop. The keyboard also provides six dedicated media control keys.

The product page indicates that the keyboard features 19-key anti-ghosting technology. That means the peripheral can register up to 19 simultaneous keystrokes so that gamers can execute commands. Because the keyboard has no on-board memory, this will presumably be handled by Cooler Master software installed on the PC.

As a comparison, the older Devastator combo only has a single color for backlighting (red or blue). Other features include a DPI range of 800 to 2000, dedicated media keys and on-the-fly DPI control. This older generation is also rather cheap, costing a mere $29.99.

As for the Octane bundle, it's surprisingly cheap as well, costing a mere $59.99. The Octane combo is shipping now to vendors across North America.

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  • dstarr3
    Taste the rainbow? Are these keyboards flavored?
  • coffeecoffee
    @dstarr3 Clearly... it would seem that CM has stuffued them full of skittles... nom nom nom ; )
  • bochica
    14468022 said:
    @dstarr3 Clearly... it would seem that CM has stuffued them full of skittles... nom nom nom ; )

    I guess that means it has StickyKeys? :D?
  • turkey3_scratch
    Did Skittles pay you for this? :P Anyways, I really like that for the price! I was expecting $120 when I saw the image.
  • TheMentalist
    I'm telling ya, Cooler Master will rule the budget line of gaming peripherals.
  • Chris Droste
    I initially thought this may have been... you know what i won't go there with my 4chan references >_>;;;
  • rayden54
    I do wish they'd make these things look more like their Quickfire line-up. I really don't care for the whole "gamer" aesthetic.