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Corsair Introduces Wire-Free Vengeance RGB DDR4 Memory (Update: Pricing)

Update, 3/22/2017, 1:25pm PT: Gigabyte confirmed support with RGB Fusion.

Update, 3/22/2017, 11:15am PT: Corsair told us the Vengeance RGB pricing on its website was incorrect; we've updated the table below with the correct prices. A spokesperson also told us how the wire-free lighting works: "We use the SMBUS to communicate with the modules," they said. "It requires motherboard BIOS support, so we’re working with all the big motherboard guys to add support to as many boards as possible."

Original, 3/21/2017, 10:20am PT:

Geil showed off RGB lighting on its DDR4 memory in May 2016, however, it required extra cables to work. In December, G.Skill outed its own RGB-enabled DDR4 memory that doesn’t need any extra wiring, and today Corsair is here to join the fray with its own Vengeance RGB modules.

Like G.Skill’s hardware, Corsair’s Vengeance RGB modules do not need any additional wiring to get the RGB lights to work. Corsair’s units are capable of one color per dim at any given moment, but will allow for four different dynamic modes: a static color per module, breathing, color shifting per module, and a rainbow between the different modules. You’ll be able to control the lighting through the Corsair Link software, where you can also control lighting for Corsair’s RGB case fans, liquid coolers, power supplies, and more.

The Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory doesn’t fall behind with performance, either. Modules come in 8GB sizes at 2,666 MHz with CL16 timings and 3,000 MHz with CL15 timing. They’re not the fastest DDR4 memory by any stretch of the imagination, but more than adequately speedy for most gaming systems. Built-in XMP 2.0 support also means that setting them up to run at the correct frequencies and timing should be a snap.

KitNo. of ModulesFrequencyTimingPrice
Vengeance RGB 16GB22,666MHz16-18-18-35$150
Vengeance RGB 16GB23,000MHz15-17-17-35$155
Vengeance RGB 32GB42,666MHz16-18-18-35$300
Vengeance RGB 32GB43,000MHz15-17-17-35$305
Vengeance RGB 64GB82,666MHz16-18-18-35$600

Normally you'd expect the higher frequency models to cost more, but in this case, the 2,666MHz frequency products cost more than their 3,000MHz counterparts. We reached out to Corsair to ask about the discrepancy.