Costco Offers Up a Secret Variant of the Surface Go

Microsoft announced the Surface Go tablet earlier this month with two variants. The first has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage; the second doubles things up for 8GB memory and 128GB storage--and switches to a (presumably faster) traditional SSD. Now a third variant, which sits between those offerings, has debuted on Costco's website.

All three versions of the Surface Go are pretty similar. They all boast a 10" display, are limited to Wi-Fi connectivity, and feature an Intel Pentium 4415Y processor. Costco's surprise third variant merely changes up the capacities to 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for $549. That alone isn't very appealing--Microsoft's 8GB RAM / 128GB SSD version costs the same--but Costco's sweetening the pot with a bundled Surface Go Type Cover. Note, though, that it's the $99 basic black model keyboard that's included, not the fancy $129 Alcantara model.

Costco and Microsoft appear to believe people care more about storage and equipping their tablets with a keyboard than about how much RAM comes with the device. This bundle lets potential buyers get the extra storage, without having to pay for memory they don't think they need while costing less than the entry-level Surface Go and Surface Type Cover would separately.

Costco and Microsoft have yet to officially recognize this bundle's existence as a third option for wannabe Surface Go owners. Costco's customer support team did tell Neowin that the variant's listing on its online store is legitimate, though, and that its specs are correct. That should mean that buying this variant through Costco won't result in a "Sorry we messed up" email when the company realizes the mistake before shipment.

It's no surprise that Microsoft had more Surface Go models planned than it originally announced. The company previously said it would reveal variants with up to 256GB of storage and LTE connectivity. So fiddling with the exact configuration post launch isn't too out of the ordinary. Costco said its Surface Go will start to ship on August 2, as will its officially recognized counterparts, and pre-orders are open to members now.

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ProductMicrosoft Surface Go
PriceStarting at $399
CPUIntel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y
Display1800 x 1200 PixelSense Display
RAM4 or 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3
Storage64GB eMMC, 128GB SSD, 256GB SSD
PortsSurface Connect, USB Type-C, MicroSDXC, 3.5mm headphone jack
Size9.6 x 6.9 x 0.3 inches
Weight1.2 pounds, 1.7 pounds with Type Cover
Consumer OS   Windows 10 Home in S Mode
Commercial OSWindows 10 Pro (S Mode configurable)
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  • Giroro
    I heard you can't get hot dogs in Costco's food court anymore, because for some reason they think they type of people who buy Costco hot dogs would rather have a vegan option.
  • Brad_53
    Wrong. My Costco actually just added a 1030 calorie double patty burger. Quite the opposite, I would say.
  • ajiam
    They still have hot dogs. They removed Polish dogs.

    21167806 said:
    I heard you can't get hot dogs in Costco's food court anymore....

  • pensive69
    our local Best Buy went bye bye so having the Costco update and expand a gamer center in their location would be fine with me...whether or not i can score a burger or dog there.
  • methorpe
    there is some variation to costco food service offerings store to store, region to region..

    there are 4 within an easy drive of me in central jersey.. 3 offer the exact same things:

    Hot Dog
    Chicken Bake (a baked roll-up type item)
    Caesar Salad w chicken
    Sausage and peppers
    A brisket sandwich
    Hot turkey sandwich
    churros, frozen yogurt (and sundaes), frozen drinks (mocha and berry)

    But one of the 4 has wrinkle french fries.
    None have burgers or polish dogs or vegan dogs
  • methorpe
    I do wish they would have higher end computer products. When they have the surface pro it is always the i5.. I guess most people do not need higher spec computers... but maybe Costco could, say, have a desktop model with modest specs.. but guaranteed expandability.. like better PSU so you can stick in a good GPU... if you want.. use 2 slots of memory with a board that has 4 slots.. so you can add memory. That sort of thing.. it would be a bit more expensive.. but would provide options for their members.