DDR3 Modules to Near 90% Market Share in 2011

The company predicts that it will begin to fade in 2014 and hand over the majority of the market to next version of DRAM in 2015.

According to IHS iSuppli, DDR3 will account for 89% of a total of 808 million DRAM modules that will be shipped this year. DDR2's share will decrease to just 9%, down from 29% in 2010. DDR3 market share in 2010 was 67%. The market research firm predicts DDR3 will hit 92% next year and 94% in 2013.

“DDR3 has been the main DRAM module technology shipped in terms of bits since the first quarter of 2010, gaining adoption quickly in the PC ecosphere as the market’s primary driver,” said Clifford Leimbach, analyst for memory demand forecasting at IHS. “Not only is DDR3 the dominant technology today in the three PC channels for original equipment manufacturers, the PC white-box space and the upgrade market, DDR3 is also the chief presence across all PC applications, such as desktops and laptops, as well as their subcategories in the performance, mainstream and entry-level computing sectors.”

DDR4 is expected to account for 12% market share in 2014 and approach 56% in 2015, while DDR3 is estimated to drop to just 42%.

  • cobra5000
    I call B.S. on this report.
  • bavman
    Bring on DDR4
  • dragonsqrrl
    cobra5000I call B.S. on this report.What makes you say that?
  • RazberyBandit
    As if this were a big surprise... Widespread DDR3 use began 2 years ago, and every platform currently used is based upon it.

    We'll probably see the same thing in about three years when it comes to DDR4.
  • Tyler-767
    cobra5000I call B.S. on this report.
    Depending on how you interpret the article I would agree. If you read it "90% market share in 2011", meaning that 90 percent of computers will have ddr3 then I doubt the report. If that were the case then 90 percent of computers would be windows 7 or vista since DDR3 became popular in that era.

    If you read it as 90 percent "shipping" market share, then that makes more sense. Tom's didn't do a good job clarifying.
  • plznote
    How 'bout DDR?
  • AppleBlowsDonkeyBalls
    Shipped units does not equal market share. DDR2 still has a lot more market share than DDR3; that is, it has a higher install base. If you actually think that DDR3 will account for 90% of all Memory in 2011, I'm selling a bridge you might be interested in.

    If we were to follow the logic in this article, Windows 7 would have over 90% market share this year, which is absolute BS.

    Or maybe it could be that you meant something else and didn't express it right. :thinking:
  • someguynamedmatt
    I'm guessing that they mean that 90% of computers currently being sold are using DDR3 - not 'market share'. Just my opinion... like Tyler said, it has to be the 'shipping share' instead of actual market volume. If they mean what they've said, though, then they're wrong. Period.
  • iam2thecrowe
    bavmanBring on DDR4why ddr4? graphics cards already come equipped with DDR5, i dont see why they cant use this for motherboards. I dont think i have ever seen DDR4 used in anything....it was a jump from ddr3-ddr5 in graphics cards.
  • eklipz330
    i remember when i got ddr2, ddr3 was just recently released... and 6gb was around $400