Two DLC Packs Coming This Spring For 'Dead Rising 4'

Frank West will become the latest member of the undead horde--and Willamette will become a virtual golf course--in two new pieces of downloadable content (DLC) for Dead Rising 4.

The DLC, titled Frank Rising, puts West at the center of a new viral outbreak. As one of the infected, he must now consume human flesh to stay alive. He also needs to rescue some fellow survivors, and he’ll do so with a suite of new abilities and newfound strength. However, there’s also a larger mission at stake: West will need to find a cure for the infection. Otherwise, the government will destroy the city in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.

On the non-serious side of new content, there’s also Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, where the surroundings are transformed into one large golf course. West himself will provide commentary as you make your way from the tee to the green. You’ll also be able to gather some power-ups so you can take out some zombies while playing golf. The DLC will also include additional costumes, golf balls, and clubs. You can compete against three other players online, or you can take turns with a friend in local co-op gameplay.

The Frank Rising DLC is slated for release on April 4, but the release date for Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf (what a name!) wasn’t specified. Both DLC packs will cost $10 each, but they’re both also included as part of the Dead Rising 4 Season Pass.

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Release DateDecember 6, 2016
  • dstarr3
    Does any DLC add the mission timers back in so it's not just a dull, generic zombie slasher?
  • none12345
    I know what a zombie hack and slash game needs. Lets add golf!

    Really? Really? They couldnt add some story....couldnt add a new area?