Dell Fined $30,000 for Taiwanese Pricing Errors

In the last month, Dell has faced increasing scrutiny over its apparent price errors on its Taiwanese online retail site.

After being ordered by the Taiwan government to honor purchases for the erroneously priced 19-inch LCD monitor for $15, Dell followed up with a few more pricing errors, leading consumer protection bodies to step in.

Taiwan's Consumer Protection Commission has given a fine to Dell of NT$1,000,000, or just over $30,000 USD.

Now Dell is faced with either paying the fine or going back to honor all the original orders at the erroneously lower prices. While the logical thing for Dell to do is to take the less costly of two avenues, it'll be interested to see if Dell's pride will have anything to do with its next step.

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  • Anonymous
    Anyone wants a job with Dell in Taiwan as an online product and price administrator?
    I guess they have one open right now!
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  • griffed88
    lol man Dell's suck...
  • kingnoobe
    I don't see how dell's pride would affect that decision.. They can't deny they screwed up.. They'll pay the fine any smart company would. Remember it's all about the cash, if dell thought they could save face I'm sure they'd fight it, but this isn't something they can save face on except by admitting to it.
  • valcron
    Maybe now Dell will stop miss pricing items for those of us to order them and then have them cancel all of the orders. Still want my 1TB HD for 45/50 dollars.

    Seriously though they should have been fined hire. If this was a first time offense no biggie but Dell has continuously made these so called, "errors" of the years, they knew about them, and did nothing to correct them from continuing to happen. They knew it would keep people coming to their site to look for more is my thought. Basically false advertising/bait and switch.