Want Windows 10 First? Dell Offering One-Day Shipping On Windows 10 PCs

Contrary to what we heard before, Windows Insiders are not the only ones who will get Windows 10 tomorrow. Dell announced that it will begin shipping pre-ordered Windows 10 products today to customers with one-day shipping. As a result, many of these users who pre-ordered will get Windows 10 before anyone else.

In North America over the last several weeks, Dell has had nearly 70 configurations of systems with Windows 10 available for pre-order. Those systems begin shipping today with one-day shipping. Users who ordered these systems will get the new systems with Windows 10 on the same day that Windows 10 will launch (tomorrow, July 29). The systems will also be available for sale from stores such as Best Buy, Microcenter and Staples starting tomorrow, so you can get Windows 10 with a new PC purchase, too.

In the rest of the world, Dell won't be shipping these systems for some time to come. It's likely that the demand for these systems on their initial release outpaced the supply, and the only way Dell could fill the orders was to focus on North America first. Although customers in China and the United Kingdom have been able to pre-order these systems for over a week now, they will not ship in these nations until a later date.

Although many are looking forward to Windows 10, companies are also preparing to help users overcome the difficulties associated with moving to a new OS. To try and ease this transition, Dell has hosted several Windows 10 videos on YouTube covering a variety of Windows 10 features. The goal is to avoid a strong customer backlash over the new OS. (Tom's Hardware has you covered on that front, too.)

If you can't wait to try out Windows 10 and aren't in the Windows Insider program, you might want to visit one of these retail locations to try Windows 10 for the first time.

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