SIGGRAPH 2013: RTT Demos DeltaGen on Quadro K6000

At SIGGRAPH 2013, RTT demonstrated the enhanced performance of DeltaGen on a system equipped with Nvidia's upcoming Quadro K6000 workstation GPU.

RTT DeltaGen Demo

DeltaGen, a styling application developed by RTT in Germany, is used throughout the automotive industry for making styling decisions such as color, texture, and other qualities related to the appearance of the vehicle. It uses CUDA-based interactive rendering to provide immediate feedback to the user. Not only does the Quadro K6000 give much faster feedback than previous versions; it also allows the use of much denser meshes, so that automotive stylists can spend less time optimizing the CAD data they receive from engineering departments and more time actually doing styling work.

On older cards, a lot of time was spent reducing or eliminating mesh geometry that was unnecessary to the image, like having an extremely low-detail interior or minimal chassis elements when viewing the exterior, and vice versa -- a minimal exterior when just working with the interior. The 12 GB of GPU memory on the Quadro K6000 allows them to use dense meshes with full detail wherever they might need it.

Pictured in the video above is a Nissan Pathfinder imported directly from CAD data. The model is a NURBS model which DeltaGen tessellates into polygons at render time. The number of polygons in the above video is somewhere around fifteen million.

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  • Cryio
    And this is a contender to the FirePro W9000/ HD 7970 GHz how?
  • Draven35
    12 GB memory.
  • Draven35
    Oopps. hit post...

    12 GB of memory on the Quadro K6000. Literally, the other cards can't load a mesh this dense.