Another Look At The Crucible In 'Destiny 2'

The two halves of Bungie’s Destiny 2 are its player-versus-environment gameplay, which comes in the form of Story missions, Strikes, and Raids (to name a few), and its competitive player-versus-player arena called the Crucible. The latest trailer for the game shows off more of the latter in addition to a sneak peek at some of the new weapons you can use against other players.

Unlike the first Destiny game, which had two teams of six players in most matches, Destiny 2’s Crucible matches will feature two teams of four players, which means that Crucible maps are smaller in size, and you can join the action faster. Fans tried a sampling of the new Crucible last month in the beta session for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The sneak peek featured an old game mode, Control, where both teams fought to hold specific locations on the map, but it also showed off a new mode called Countdown where one team plants a detonation charge and the opposing group has to diffuse it before it explodes.

The trailer also shows more of the new abilities that come with each of the three classes. Titans can spawn a small barrier to block incoming attacks, or they can throw their shields to quickly kill foes. Hunters can quickly dodge enemy attacks or wield a powerful staff to take out anyone in their path. Warlocks jump in the air and hurl streaks of fire or create small rifts that provide small boosts to allies.

Even though the Destiny 2 beta is no longer available to console players, those on PC will have a chance to play the Crucible modes later this month, although a new map will be available for Countdown. In addition to competitive multiplayer, you can also try out the “Homecoming” story mission as well as a new cooperative strike called “The Inverted Spire.” Before you dive in to Bungie’s latest game, make sure your PC meets the hardware requirements.

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