Bungie's 'Destiny 2' To Arrive September 6, PC Beta Coming Late August

Destiny 2 is coming in less than three months, and Bungie didn’t miss an opportunity at E3 to show off more footage from the game. However, it also had other surprises in store for fans.

The trailer put a spotlight on Dominus Ghaul, the main villain of the game and leader of the Red Legion. Ghaul believes that his constant suffering and hard work makes him worthy of the Traveler’s light, which is currently bestowed upon you, a Guardian. However, his recent attack on Earth puts you in danger as Ghaul’s forces capture the Traveler, which removes the powers you gained in the first Destiny. 

In the upcoming game, you’ll have to find a way to regain your old powers (and gain new ones as well) and push back against Ghaul’s invasion of Earth. The trailer shows some of the new enemies you’ll face as well as a sampling of new weapons to use in combat.

If you’re playing on the PlayStation 4, you’ll get a few pieces of content before it makes its way to the Xbox and PC crowd in Fall 2018. This includes a Strike mission called Lake of Shadows, additional gear, a new ship, an exotic weapon, and a map for the competitive multiplayer mode. 

The game was originally going to be released on September 8, but it will now come out on September 6. PC players will have to wait until October 24 to join their console counterparts in the fight against The Red Legion. You can also play an “Early Access” version of the beta on the PlayStation 4, which starts on July 18 (July 21 for Xbox One players). For PC, the beta won’t be available until late August.