Animated Doom Eternal BFG-10000 PC Mod is Ready to Rip and Tear

Doom Eternal BFG 10000 PC mod
(Image credit: Mark's Fabrications)

Episodes of the GeForce Garage from Nvidia are often greeted by delight by PC modding fans and enthusiasts. The latest video showcase might be one of the best we have seen, with Mark's Fabrication discussing the development of the Doom Eternal BFG 10000 PC mod. Yes, Doom Eternal fans, it is a design that pays tribute to the game's massive planetary defense weapon, capable of blowing a hole core-deep into an average sized planet.

Mark's favorite mods are machine-based and turning to the project in the spotlight he finds scenes and design elements within Doom Eternal very inspiring. The most impressive design elements within the game revolve around armor and weapons, reckons Mark, and with this in mind you can understand the genesis of the Doom Eternal BFG 10000 case mod.

One particular Doom weapon caught the eye of the Taiwan-based modder, and that was the BFG-10000 planetary defense weapon gun turret. In the game, the huge turret stands independently of the operator (who controls it with the BFG-9000). This idea draws parallels with a PC base unit, so is a great subject for a mod that is designed to grace a desk.  Of course, Mark hasn't just built a replica Doom BFG-10000 turret in the real world verbatim, he has added some design elements of his own, drawing from several years modding experience and his favorite design flourishes.

Examining the Doom Eternal BFG 10000 case mod images and video, you can see how cleverly Mark has integrated two major system fans which, head-on, would make you feel like you are about to be blasted by both barrels. Laser lighting is built-in too, and the case can animate to various "shooting" angles, as if it is targeting.

(Image credit: Mark's Fabrications)

Towards the end of the showcase Mark modestly laments not having time to add some finishing touches to this mod, which would have made it "even better and more complete." For example, he would have liked to have improved the animation of the turret design, with better pivoting, and added rotational movement, as well as packing in some more laser lighting.

Last but not least, the Doom Eternal BFG 10000 PC mod isn't just a work of art, it is a powerful modern gaming PC with the following components, many with RGB LED lighting.

  • GPU: GeForce RTX 3080 FE
  • CPU: Intel i7-10700k
  • Motherboard: ASRock Z490i Phantom Gaming-ITX
  • RAM: 32GB (16x2) Zadak Twist DDR4
  • Storage: Zadak TWSG3 M.2
  • Power: CoolerMaster GX GOLD 1050
  • Cooling: Cooler Master ML240 Illusion

Mark, started case modding seriously when he took part in the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series in 2018. Winning second place in this major competition, helped Mark realize his talent, and the splendid wood and brass, steampunk gears and dials mod, was obviously a great public debut.

Mark Tyson
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