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'Driveclub VR' Reportedly A PlayStation VR Launch Title

The Japan PlayStation Blog released, and then subsequently took down, an announcement about Driveclub VR being a launch title on the PSVR. The PlayStation exclusive racing game appears to be coming out on October 13, which is the same day as the PSVR HMD release.

The announcement, which someone posted to the blog early July 29, was taken down within a couple of hours of posting, but we managed to grab a few screenshots of the translated page before it was gone. The translation from the Japanese PlayStation blog is imperfect and somewhat incoherent, as many translations are, but there are a few details that stand out. 

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You can play Driveclub VR from the cockpit view, as you’d expect, but it will also offer additional camera perspectives. Our Editor-in-Chief had the chance to try the game at GDC earlier this year, and he was playing from the third person view. He experienced some motion sickness that he speculated his camera perspective choice could have exacerbated. It’s somewhat surprising that Driveclub VR includes this feature in the final release. Driveclub VR will also feature “realistic 3D audio.”

The blog indicated that the VR release of the Playstation exclusive Driveclub franchise would include at least one additional city course, but a tweet from Paul Rustchynsky, Evolutions Studio’s former Driveclub Game Director, suggested that there will be several new tracks on which to hone your inner wheelman.

The Japanese Playstation Blog listed the price of both the physical and digital download copies of the game as 4,900 yen, which at today’s exchange rate translates to $48 USD. There has been no indication of a North American Driveclub VR release, but there’s no reason to expect that we won’t see the game in the western hemisphere.