Ducky Teases Wireless RGB Low-Profile 'Blade Air' Keyboard

LAS VEGAS, NV -- As it turns out, the engineering sample of the Ducky keyboard we saw in Cherry’s suite at CES 2018 is a real product called the Ducky Blade Air, a slim RGB backlit Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. We don’t know the release date or pricing yet, but we do know that it will utilize Cherry’s brand new MX RGB Low Profile switches. The thinner switches will combine with low profile keycaps and a slim case to make for a keyboard that, while still full-size, is almost half as thick as Ducky’s other offerings. Not only that, but it will also have USB Type-C and Bluetooth connectivity.

The dimensions are 441 x 133.6 x 22mm, which is 18mm thinner than the Ducky One 2 Series keyboard (40mm in height) that uses standard Cherry switches and full-height keycaps.

The low profile switches help to create this slim design, but the lower profile keycaps also play a major role. They will be made with PBT material and double-shot legends. This printing method prevents the lettering from fading or wearing out, but it also allows the backlighting to shine through because they’re using a semi-transparent material for the lettering.

The backlighting will have various lighting modes from Reactive, Rain Drop, Full Backlight, Color Cycling, Breathing, Wave, Ripple, and more, with the option to select zones, as well. Macro recording and N-Key Rollover (NKRO) is also onboard.

One thing Ducky didn’t mention is any news of a smaller tenkeyless or 60% keyboard in the future. If the Ducky Blade Air was a smaller layout, it could make for a great keyboard to have near the couch or on the go. Ducky would be one of the few competitors to the popular Anne Pro, a 60% backlit Bluetooth keyboard. We’re not surprised to see a full-size on the market first, but we hope that Ducky considers smaller layouts in the future.

Because the Ducky Blade Air is fully wireless, we’re curious to see the design, placement, and capacity of the battery in such a thin chassis. Ducky has not said anything about what the expected battery life is with or without the backlighting. Some keyboards limit the brightness of the backlighting in wireless mode. We have asked Ducky for clarification on whether or not the backlighting is fully enabled when connected wirelessly, and we will update this post if they reply.

Ducky Blade Air Keyboard