Single-Player Campaigns Come To 'Madden,' 'NBA Live,' Returns For 'FIFA 18'

As always, EA showed off its lineup of EA Sports titles throughout its annual EA Play event today, as E3 kicks off here this weekend in Los Angeles.

This year’s Madden game will incorporate the career story mode called "Longshot." The mode puts you in control of a character as he starts his career in college. Your performance in college, and presumably, the combine, will determine your draft standing. From there, you’ll work your way from unknown rookie to a must-have player on any NFL team.

Fans of last year’s FIFA 17 will notice similarities to the soccer game’s career mode, which had you control a young player as he rose from obscurity to fame by joining one of the top clubs in the Premier League. Speaking of FIFA, Alex Hunter, the main character of FIFA 17, returns in FIFA 18 for an entirely new career that will expand to other clubs and countries, including the United States.

This idea of a central character to play in a sports game story mode also extends to NBA Live 18. The basketball game will feature a mode called “The One,” where you will begin by playing pick-up games on local basketball courts throughout the country. As you play more games, you’ll gain respect, which gives you access to new gear to use. With enough respect and recognition, you might earn your spot on a professional NBA team and test your skills against today’s stars.

FIFA 18 comes out on September 29, and a demo for NBA Live 18 arrives in August. The new Madden game will come just in time for football season, on August 25.

  • Bob_8_
    Love playing Madden on my PC ! ! !
  • saunupe1911
    Why is this relevant? There's no PC version
  • Matt_550
    Maddon already had that. But you had to import your character from NCAA. Until they bring back the in-depth franchise mode they use to have I'm out. Every game is the same thing just different players and team locations.