Epic Is Shutting Down 'Paragon'

Epic Games' Paragon will be shutting down in April. The company made the announcement on its official website in a heartfelt apology to the community and fans of multiplayer online battle arena players everywhere.

"It's with heavy hearts we've decided to close down Paragon," the statement begins. "After careful consideration, and many difficult internal debates, we feel there isn’t a clear path for us to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable."

The MOBA market was already crowded whenParagon entered the ring, but now that the craze has somewhat shifted to the insanely popular Battle Royale genre, it doesn't come as a surprise that Paragon is making way for Fortnite at Epic.

Paragon originally launched March 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC as an Early Access title before heading into open beta later that August. The open beta originally cost players if they wanted to participate but was later altered to become a free-to-play game and doffed the premium charges. If you did decide to sink some cash into the game, you got a slew of upgrades and optional cosmetic items for your trouble.

Unfortunately, Paragon never came to fruition as a full-fledged retail release, nor was there ever a planned date for the game's debut. Epic Games is doing just fine, however, with the success of Fortnite and its Battle Royale spinoff, which is enjoying a massive, growing playerbase just since it hit the market in 2017, and it's still in Early Access. Without having to divert resources to Paragon, it's no doubt Epic will be able to spend time and money on Fortnite instead, and that game will continue to blossom.

If you invested in Paragon and spent money on any items or upgrades within the game, Epic has stated that it will be refunding all purchases across every platform. So no matter what you spent and no matter what you spent it on, you'll be able to request a refund directly through Epic Games via this request form.

If you enjoyed Paragon, it's time to pour one out for the MOBA. It had some interesting concepts, but it just wasn't meant to be. You can still play up to March 26, so if you want one last hurrah, you've still got some time.

  • psiulove2007
    Now it is to expect a good company to continue this excellent MoBa
    The Wegame company (China) together with Tencent are planning to formalize. This is announcing the game in closed beta phase.

  • gio2vanni86
    Someone please find a way to keep paragon alive. I mean seriously like grab it and upload it to the web. They should keep it, i dont see why they would destroy such a great game. I enjoy playing it. It may have been late but its truly unique for what it is. I think epic games needs to keep it. I love it.
  • valeman2012
    They are focusing on the other game which is a hit.
    Fortnite...as Epic game Copied from PUBG (who embraced the idea)

    They even leftoff Unreal Tournament
  • princewinstontheethird
    Well that's ashame never got around to playing the game the extreme storage space updates were required.
  • behroozdiablo
    Well I have to say as a person who MOBA is probably the only genre I play and I have played so many different one, there were a lot of development mistakes and wrong planning for the game I have played paragon nearly from the start and one of the problems was huge releases which kinda made the game unplayable for casual players and players who invested time to learn the mechanics, suddenly after each update they(I) felt like they had to learn a new game with completely new system which is a no-no if you are trying to build a player base it sucked that after each update I had to play 40-50 matches to just make sense of the new system and get use to it, and I would say last update with introduction of card system that was the last shot in the foot. I personally left the game since I didn't want to learn the game all over again it's a commitment and people get disappointed after first or second one. But anyway good luck epic. I feel like epic is never going to be the same company after they left MS partnership and Clif left.
  • captaincharisma
    who cares, just come out with the next unreal tournament already
  • bigdragon
    I've always felt that Paragon was some sort of Unreal Engine developer tutorial that went too far and turned into a game. Epic didn't seem to know what to do with it. Nobody at the company provided the vision and content necessary for it to move forward. It just stagnated. I'm surprised it's been around as long as it has been.