Epic Store Releases Feature Update Road Map

(Image credit: Epic)

Whether you like it or not, Steam finally having some competition is nothing but a good thing. Yeah ok, we might have uPlay, and Origin, but none of them hold a candle to the likes of the gaming giant, perhaps the Epic store will.

Yes, it may very well be the answer to the impeccably monopolistic market that is PC gaming. Launching off the back of Fortnite’s success, and securing several store exclusives, Epic’s Store is nothing if not controversial.

However with the release of a search feature finally last week (wait, what?), Epic has also listed exactly what they’ll be releasing next. Yup, within the next 3 weeks you can expect cloud saves, DLC support and more currency and payment options. Within the next 6 months, that’ll also be topped off by play time counters, mod-support, wish list and user reviews as well, with a social overhaul to follow.

It is of course very early days, and for many, Epic’s attempt to claim some of the ground garnered by Steam is seen as a betrayal. However as more and more developers move across to the platform due to better returns on the financial front, it’s likely we’ll see some form of response from Valve to combat this threat, however if that does happen, it’s nothing if not good for the consumer. Ok convoluted platforms are bad, however getting more money into the hands of developers and into titles is nothing but a good thing. Perhaps we’ll see a slow decline in early-access, and less pay-to-win titles. Well, at least from those smaller countries.

Check out the Trello roadmap here, for all of the details.

Zak Storey

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