The ESHLDTY T1 Provides IPX6 Splash-Proof Power Protection With an RGB Twist

ESHLDTY T1 Surge Protector Tower
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Whatever home office setup you have or high-end gaming rig you own, protecting your precious electronics from common electrical mishaps is just common sense. There are few things worse than having your expensive gadgets or equipment ruined due to some power spike or short circuit, knowing that you could have avoided it by taking simple precautions such as investing in a reliable surge protector or power backup system. There are of course a variety of power surge protection options these days that come in varying price points depending on your personal wants and needs.


ESHLDTY has brought a unique option to the table, combining power safety and surge protection with fun and practical features such as IPX6 splash-proof protection, 2.4A and 20W PD fast charging capabilities, a pull-out phone/tablet cradle and even RGB music rhythm lighting, all packaged in a portable tower form factor to fit on your desk, so your ports and plugs are in easy reach. The T1 power strip tower comes with nine tamper-resistant outlets that are compatible with Type A (two prong) and Type B (three prong) plugs, and are widely spaced to avoid interference. We found, however, that the tower design may not be as ideal for larger or odd shaped plugs like Apple’s MagSafe power adapter, due to its tendency to sag and potentially slip out of the socket. Unlike traditional power strips that are usually on the floor, the T1 tower strip offers better organization for your devices and space-saving convenience, and if you like RGB, it’s also an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home office or gaming station.

With an IPC (Ingress Protection Code) rating of X6, the T1 appears to provide ample water-splash protection in case of simple water spill accidents - but nothing more. We had fun trying out the splash proof capability of the T1 as seen in the short demo below. 

It should be noted that in cases of heavy water sprays or any high-pressure water accidents, you will need to unplug the T1, towel it dry and wait at least 24 hours before reusing the power strip.

ESHLDTY T1’s additional smart and safety features:

  • Overload protection
  • Surge protection
  • Energy saver: illuminated and covered on/off switch to save power
  • Fireproof: made with UL 94-VO material
  • Heat protection: includes a built-in chip that monitors delivery temperatures and shuts off when the temperature rises above 120 C or 248 F
  • Tamper-resistant sockets: requires a proper plug to be inserted and appropriate pressure 75N to deliver electricity (ETL and FCC approved)
  • Smart charging: recognizes smart devices connected and properly allocates the optimal safe charging current to each device

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 ESHLDTY T1 Specifications 

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Surge Protection2000 Joules
Maximum Power2000W
Maximum Current15A
Sockets9  (also available  in a 12 outlet model)
USB Ports3x USB-A, 1x USB-C
Cord Length6 feet
Warrantyone year
ExtraBuilt-in RGB Music Rhythm Light feature
Row 9 - Cell 0 ambient LED lighting (9 switchable color options) 
Row 10 - Cell 0 phone or tablet holder
Row 11 - Cell 0 360 degree power cord
Model Colorsblack or white
Price$65 (MSRP $89)


A few things to consider about this product:

  • While the T1 supports Type A and B power plugs, it only works well with small profile plugs. Larger AC adapters will prevent you from making use of every outlet on the T1. But you could get a set of short power extension cords to move the larger plugs away from the tower.
  • This is also true of the phone/tablet cradle feature that slides out from the base of the T1. Expect to lose use of one or more outlets when making use of the tray. It might make sense to keep power sources that can be easily removed on the side away from where the tray slides out.
  • When using the T1’s Built-in RGB Music Rhythm Light, keep the music source close, as music with lots of softer parts won’t trigger the lights and ambient noise is easily picked up in the vicinity. Any conversations or other noise nearby are likely to be included in your light show. Another option might be to switch to the multi-color strobe setting and let the lights play a supporting role.

Bottom Line


(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

All in all, ESHLDTY’s T1 power strip tower provides a convenient way for you to organize and plug-in your computer hardware and electronic devices on your desk without worrying about spills. Its smart design provides proper drainage to trap and channel liquid away from electrical components to prevent short circuit mishaps. Admittedly, there are a lot of cheap options available in the market today, but those typically come with only surge protection and without any bells whistles. However, if you are looking for something trendier and are willing to pay a premium for features like RGB lighting, smart charging and splash proof capabilities, then this product is definitely worth your consideration.

The T1 is currently available at for $65 (MSRP $89) and has started shipping this month in time for the holidays. Other ESHLDTY power safety products like the B1 and B2 are available on Amazon.

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