EVGA’s Roboclocker Makes AIO LN2 Cooling A Reality

EVGA developed the world’s first all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler that uses liquid nitrogen (LN2) for extreme overclocking. Meet the Roboclocker.

Developed with world record overclocker Vince Lucido (also known as KINGPIN), the Roboclocker cools the CPU and GPU with LN2 that’s automatically fed from large tanks with a long hose. The excess gas (as the LN2 heats up, it phases to a gas) is automatically exhausted from an insulated pipe at the top of the chassis. Sensors that detect the temperatures of the CPU and GPU route to a controller that keeps them at almost any temperature you want (KINGPIN stated that he has been able to get as low as -106C).

LN2 cooling is not a new phenomenon, and extreme overclockers have been using the sub-zero substance as a relatively inexpensive method of achieving clock rate glory for quite some time. However, the process is tedious and a labor intensive endeavor, as you have to constantly add LN2 to the open styrofoam pots that encase the components. This is the first public attempt any company made to create an automatic system that applies bursts of LN2 to the components as needed.

EVGA stated that KINGPIN plans to continue development of the Roboclocker, but that it definitely won’t be hitting the market as a retail product any time soon. However, there is hope that we’ll be able to bring extreme overclocking home in the distant future.

“This is the next step,” said Vince Lucido. “LN2 cooling for the masses.”

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  • danthemanoz
    Finally! A decent cooling solution... LOL :p
  • jossrik
    I like it, but aren't all the names taken, like frozen, chill, ice, sub-zero, etc, etc.
  • Synynyster
    Psh No RBG lighting ill pass