'Final Fantasy XV' Season Pass Content, Digital Premium Edition Revealed

As expected, Square Enix will have content for Final Fantasy XV after its initial release. The company revealed more information about the game’s Digital Premium Edition, which includes the Season Pass.

A total of six “episodes” are planned as downloadable content (DLC). So far, Square Enix provided only the names of each episode, but even those names are a working title.

DLC 1: Booster Pack (Working Title)DLC 2: Episode Gladio (Working Title)DLC 3: Holiday Pack (Working Title)DLC 4: Episode Ignis (Working Title)DLC 5: Episode Prompto (Working Title)DLC 6: Expansion Pack (Working Title)

Release dates weren’t revealed, but based on the title of the third DLC pack, half of the Season Pass might be out before the end of the year. If that’s the case, you can expect the studio to drop a new batch of DLC over the course of six months following the launch date.

If you want the game as well as the Season Pass, you can pre-order the Digital Premium Edition, and if you initially purchased the Pre-Order Bonus Pack, you can still get the extra content if you buy the Season Pass upgrade. Either way, you're guaranteed an additional set of digital items. However, the extra batch of content will be different for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

Extra content for Xbox One playersWeapon: Masamune (FFXV)Recolor: 16-Bit BuddiesItem: Angler SetRecolor: Platinum LeviathanItem: Camera KitXbox Avatar Item – Noctis male costumeXbox Avatar Item – Noctis female costumeXbox Avatar Item – Carbuncle pet propExtra content for PlayStation 4 playersWeapon: Masamune (FFXV)Recolor: 16-Bit BuddiesItem: Angler SetTheme: Final Fantasy XV - Big BangRecolor: Platinum LeviathanItem: Camera KitFinal Fantasy XV Digital Mini Sound TrackFinal Fantasy XV - Digital Premium Edition Original Theme (Working Title)

If you want just the Season Pass, it will cost you $24.99. The Digital Premium Edition will cost a bit more, as it contains the Season Pass. You can get it for $84.99.

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