Tom's Guide: 10 Fitness Apps to Help You Shape Up!

Technology has definitely improved our lives and made every day tasks significantly easier. In fact, technology makes our lives so easy, that it's not all that difficult to become a little bit lazy. Luckily, technology can also help you in that department. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of applications to help you get fit and stay in shape. Be sure to check out '10 Fitness Apps to Help You Shape Up!' for the full list.

You've probably heard people say that technology has made people lazy, but the many fitness apps and mobile gadgets on the market today can easily disprove that notion. Exercise tutorials, gym logs, run trackers, and even games that involve exercise routines are among the many personal trainer apps designed keep users fit and healthy. So turn off that infinite runner game, pickup one of these apps, and do some real running!10 Fitness apps to Help You Shape Up!

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