Forceware Rel80 drivers to bring mix-and-match capability to SLI

Nvidia today will release a new version of its unified driver architecture "Forceware" that not only promises to improve graphic chip performance but also will bring more flexibility to dual-graphics systems. For the first time, users can use Nvidia cards from different vendors in SLI configuration, as long as they carry at least 6600 LE chips. According to an Nvidia spokesperson, users can even mix and match cards with different memory capacities (frame buffers).

The new Forceware 80 also adds new functions, which include the ability to dynamically enable and disable SLI, auto display detection for HDTV systems, vertical synchronization (Vsync), primary display switching, TV and HDTV out, and updated Linux features.

Performance improvements, according to Nvidia, will cover most popular games running on enthusiast machines today. For single GPU as well as dual-GPU systems the manufacturer promises speed gains in the range between 5 and 20 percent for Battlefield 2, Far Cry, Doom 3 Splinter Cell 3 and UT 2004. (THG)