From Dust Has a Glorious Engine for God Games

One of the games that slipped through our view during Gamescom last week was From Dust, a download game from Ubisoft planned for release in March 2011.

What makes From Dust seem so special is that it channel some of the classic PC gameplay styles from old games like Populous. While that sort of gameplay doesn't seem very marketable anymore in a stand-alone retail space, it could be perfect for download on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and various PC channels.

From Dust is very much a game where you play God and have control over the land and elements. Right now it's just a solo affair, but developers are exploring the possibilities of adding multiplayer modes after release.

Check out the first developer diary below to see what the game is all about.

More from previews from IGN and Kotaku.

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  • Blessedman
    That truly is a glorious engine.
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  • Blessedman
    That truly is a glorious engine.
  • Anonymous
    it' black and white!!!!!
  • adikos
    the engine looks real nice, the gameplay however looks very unappealing, but this is just a first look. thats not to say it wont be interesting to play. i used to play populous and i really enjoyed sacrifice by shiny entertainment, while it was more rts sided, it was still a beautiful game at its time and was a change of pace.

    from dust has potential.

    wonder if it will have drm lol