G.Skill Unleashes 3400 MHz DDR4 Ripjaws 4 Memory Modules

G.Skill's announced two new super-speedy DDR4 memory kits, each of which brings a marginal improvement over what the company already had available. Both products are in the G.Skill Ripjaws 4 series.

The first kit goes by the part number F4-3400C16Q-16GRKD, and as you might have already spotted, this is a 16 GB kit that runs at a frequency of 3400 MHz. Previously, G.Skill set a record for the world's fastest stock DDR4 memory, which it held at 3333 MHz. The modules run with CL16 timings.

The second kit also comes in a 16 GB flavor but "only" runs at 3200 MHz. This lower frequency has allowed G.Skill to play with the timings a little, bringing those down to a somewhat snappier CL15. Previously, the 3200 MHz Ripjaws 4 kit carried CL16 timings.

In order to be able to achieve these speeds and timings, G.Skill has selectively hand-picked the memory ICs to ensure the utmost stability. IC's lower down in the binning process simply wouldn't be able to run such frequencies without needing a voltage higher than 1.35 V. Despite this, though, the improvements are only marginal, but if you're looking for the fastest memory available, you might have to look at these.

Both kits consist of four 4 GB modules and come with a Turbulence III memory fan. They come with LED lights built in, although we'd probably end up not using them – if you've got decent airflow in your case we doubt you'll need to use more memory cooling than the standard aluminum heatsinks.

G.Skill hasn't announced availability or pricing, although you probably don't want to know how much these things will cost you, anyway.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • williamcummins
    3400Mhz, now we're talking.
  • TechyInAZ
    Wow that's fast. Imagine putting a virtual machine on a RAMdisk with that kind of speed.
  • gkay09
    Lolz looking at the cooler reminded me of the Minions... :P
  • eklipz330
    is there still any real world benefit of ddr4 over ddr3 for normal consumers? it doesn't seem to be as dramatic as ddr3 over ddr2
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    On order.
  • Ramshot
    3400mhz at 16CL hows that any better than 1800mhz at 8CL?
  • none12345
    "3400mhz at 16CL hows that any better than 1800mhz at 8CL? "

    It depends, its slower in some workloads, and faster in others. Random access would be better on that 1800 cl8, sequential would be faster on the 3400.

    I personally don't really care for the sidegrades, new sockets, new architecture, with no compatibility, when its only a sidegrade. no thanks.

    Im all for new tech that is faster in all areas tho. I wish ddr4 fell into that category, but currently it does not.
  • EasyLover
    Too good particularly those sexy fans :) but I'm expecting a price to be on much higher side, too bad :( .
  • DDR4 is really uninteresting right now. I bought 32GB of DDR3 ram 3 years ago for 132$, including shipping. Show me any benchmark that shows more than 3% improvement at any task than this kit. Which costs WAY more, for less capacity.

    DDR4 right now means more expensive, and less performance. Random access is more important in ram, espescially with SSDs. Because how often do you need to load 500+MB/s? Usually it's random calculations which are the bottleneck, so all the data is available, but it has to be randomly shiffed around. Ram price/performance is a scam these days.
  • hotwire_downunder
    man! kids now-a-days are spoiled silly... I remeber when EDO RAM first came out.. blistering fast.. run it with a 486 DX4 and it was more muscle than any software of that day could use up :)