Google to Surpass Microsoft in OS Penetration by 2016

In comparison, Windows devices are projected to grow from 1.5 billion to only 2.28 billion units, Gartner said.

The firm believes that the mobile market in particular will continue to consolidate around Android and iOS, "with other ecosystems struggling to gain traction, and, with most vendors committed to Android." By the end of 2014, three of the five top mobile handset vendors will be Chinese, Gartner said.

In the tablet market, unit shipments are estimated to be about half of the volume of notebooks by 2015, while Windows 8 is not expected to trump either iOS or Android in tablet volume and has to be content with third place.

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  • sykozis
    There are no Android computers....and ChromeOS has yet to get any traction at all.... The mobile market, being considerably larger than the PC market, it makes sense that Google would have more devices running "their" OS...
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  • vern72
    Samsung's moving to China?
  • house70
    LOL, Gruener said "penetration"...

    Pretty useless, I know, but I couldn't help it.
  • john_4
    vern72Samsung's moving to China?

    Don't see it, Samsung is Korean and their government has not sold out to China like the USA government has.