Geil Introduces Evo Froza DDR4 RAM Designed To Overclock

Geil announced a new line of enthusiast-oriented DDR4 memory modules that are designed to overclock.

Geil claimed that the heat spreaders on its new Evo Forza DDR4 memory modules offer superior cooling performance than similar, competing products. The company didn’t say what enables these heatsinks to outperform the competition, but as there aren’t any active cooling elements involved, it must have something to do with the material makeup of the heatspreaders, their design, or the thermal compound connecting them to the RAM chips.

Oddly enough, these RAM kits don’t come with remarkably high clock speeds. The fastest kit will be clocked at just 3,866 MHz. As this is an enthusiast RAM product, we would typically expect to see clock speeds rivaling the fastest DDR4 kits currently on the market, but these RAM kits fall about 400 MHz short of that mark.

Geil will sell the RAM in kits ranging between one and four DIMMs, and with a maximum capacity of 64 GB. There isn’t any word on pricing or availability yet.

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