GeIL Announces EVO Spear Memory Lineup For AMD, Intel Processors

GeIL announced its new line of EVO Spear memory for both Intel and AMD platforms. The company is targeting gamers and enthusiasts looking for a “cost-efficient upgrade,” yet still refers to this memory line as “hardcore.”

The EVO Spear series, optimized for Intel's Core processors and chipsets, is available in 2,133-3,466MHz frequencies. GeIL's EVO Spear AMD Edition memory kits are available in 2,133-3,200MHz frequencies and are fully compatible with AMD's Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 processors and AM4 socket motherboards. Both editions of EVO Spear memory are available in single, dual-, and quad-channel kits. Memory modules range in size from 8-64GB. 

Another feature of the EVO Spear memory line is its low profile “stealth black” heat spreader. GeIL said these memory kits are ideal for use in a wide variety of systems, including small form factor system builds, due to their low profile design.

GeIL’s EVO SPEAR memory will be available on August 7. 16GB kits for Intel and AMD platforms are available for pre-order on Newegg for $136 and $131, respectively.

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Memory SeriesEVO Spear Intel Edition EVO Spear AMD Edition
Memory TypeDDR4DDR4
Memory Size8-64GB8-64GB
Memory Speed2133-3,466MHz2,133-3,200MHz
Memory LatencyCL 16-18-18-38CL 16-18-18-36
Memory Voltage1.2V  /  1.35V1.2V  /  1.35V
Memory ConfigurationSingle / Dual- / Quad-ChannelSingle / Dual- / Quad-Channel
Heat SpreaderAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Package MemoryFormatDIMMDIMM
Package Memory Pin288288
Performance ProfileXMP 2.0XMP 2.0
Price$136 (16GB 2x8 kit)$131 (16GB 2x8 kit)
  • Nintendork
    A year ago you could 2x16GB for the same price.
  • Blytz
    I want to know what speed you're running 32/64 gig at on AMD motherboards. Plenty of ram does 3200 with 8/16 gig configs, even stuff not on the QVL.
  • daglesj
    I just can't but products that this time last year were half the cost they are today and will be quite possibly half the cost this time next year. I always wait till they go to double figures.
  • alextheblue
    Shoot, I think I paid less for my relatively high-end 16GB DDR3 kit back quite a while ago. SSD prices aren't great either (they've all but stagnated in recent memory) but RAM prices are really awful. Then you've got cryptocurrency destroying graphics card pricing... I can't even imagine building a gaming rig until that dies down (when Eth goes PoS).

    At least AM4 Ryzen chips are fairly reasonably priced.
  • xXxREBELOxXx
    Funny, not even a year ago I bought 2x16gb 1866 cl10 for under $100 CAD lmao, 2x16gb DDR4 sold for $150 I think at the time, now DDR4 has literally doubled and DDR3 is more than what DDR4 used to cost.