Complete List of Gigabyte & Aorus B660 Motherboards Leaked

Gigabyte B660
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Twitter user @hw_reveal has reportedly shared Gigabyte's full lineup of B660 motherboards. The list showcases three sub-brands, including the Ultra Durable series, Gaming series, and of course, the flagship Aorus lineup of B660 motherboards. There are 29 motherboards in total, ranging from DDR4 and DDDR5 variants, micro-ATX and ATX form factors, and more.

B660 is a new chipset option from Intel for the latest Alder Lake platform. Motherboards paired to the B660 chipset will be significantly cheaper than most Z690 motherboards, with cut-back features and a lack of CPU overclocking support (but memory overclocking is still present). In particular, PCIe bandwidth and USB port connectivity are significantly limited and cut in half in most cases. But the result is a series of budget-friendly motherboards that should have enough connectivity and features for the average user.

As is tradition with Gigabyte, the Ultra Durable series expectedly packs the company's cheapest B660 motherboard options. The board lineup will consist of the B660M Gaming (which is in the UD category for some reason), the DS3H, D3H, D2H, HD3P, and DS3H. These boards will come in both DDR4 and DDR5 flavors and ATX and micro ATX form factors and feature WiFi variants. Expect these cheaper boards to have the lowest connectivity and a weaker power delivery setup than Gigabyte's higher-end boards.

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Gigabyte B660

(Image credit: Twitter)

The Gigabyte Gaming lineup represents the company's mid-range series of B660 motherboards, featuring the B660M Gaming and B660 Gaming X. Both versions have several different sub-models with DDR4 versions and WiFi options. Depending on your preference, there are also options for either ATX or Micro-ATX. Expect a good amount of connectivity from these motherboards, and of course, gaming-oriented features.

Finally, we have Gigabyte's flagship Aorus branded B660 motherboards; these include the Aorus Pro and Aorus Master boards with several sub-models like the Gaming series. But, the Aorus lineup brings with it Gigabyte's only mini-ITX B660 motherboard known as the B660I Aorus Pro DDR4. It remains a mystery why there is only a single mini-ITX variant, but it is better than nothing.

Expect Aorus motherboards to pack the most features when it comes to B660 motherboards from Gigabyte. Usually, their most prominent features include robust power delivery systems, good built-in motherboard audio, and a sturdy rear I/O setup.

All that we have for now is a lineup of motherboards, but expect detail about pricing and availability to appear shortly.

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