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Gigabyte 'Black Edition' GTX 750 Ti: Tested for 168 Hours

Gigabyte is currently working on a new variant of its GTX 750 Ti graphics card – a Black Edition card. This card will come out in two versions: a standard variant and an OC variant.

Both of the cards come with the company's dual-fan version of the WindForce cooler, along with respectable factory overclocks. The GM107 GPU aboard has been overclocked to 1033 MHz base, with a boost frequency of 1111 MHz for the standard version, while the OC version is set to boost up to 1242 MHz with a base frequency of 1163 MHz. Chances are, though, that you can still take the cards further a good bit by hand, as the GTX 750 Ti cards are known to have quite a bit of overclocking headroom. The 2 GB of GDDR5 memory aboard the cards is clocked at 5.4 GHz.

Gigabyte also teases "168-Hour Server Level Durability Testing." This essentially means that the card is tested to run super-stable. It'll even come with a certificate. It is also why the card is labelled to be a black edition card.

No word on pricing yet, though we don't expect too large a premium over reference solutions. Otherwise, buyers would already be looking at GPUs in a higher price class. The card will be available soon.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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