Google Leads in Futuremark Peacekeeper Browser Benchmark

According to its own scores, Futuremark claims that Chrome still holds the performance crown on a Windows PC with an Intel Core i7-2600K processor.

Futuremark said that Peacekeeper has been "rebuilt" to evaluate the "latest" HTML5 standards and now supports PCs, tablets as well as smartphones. Chrome 15 scored 4720 points on the Futuremark test system, followed by Opera 11.5 with 4318, Firefox 8 with 2554, IE9 with 2471 and Safari 5 with 1752. There are also some scores for a Macbook Pro with an Core i7-2720QM processor, which also sees Chrome in front, followed by Opera, Firefox and Safari.

While Safari does not look that great on a PC, Apple shines on the iPad 2, which leads the benchmark results on tablets, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Acer Iconia W500, the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Like the previous version, the Peacekeeper test requires about 5 minutes to complete and now includes a rendering test, a WebGL test, HTML5 video, canvas and web worker tests, data manipulation tests, DOM operations test and text parsing tests.

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  • nikorr
    Fellas, its just a benchmark, nothing more... U wont detect any speed difference in real life...

    They all are fast now-a-days!
  • sixdegree
    Crytek should make a web version of Crysis, for benchmarking web browser.
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  • ohim
    maybe this way Opera will get the attention that it needs ... always was in the back FF just because ppl said is better not even taking into consideration any alternative.
  • Cryio
    Chrome got first place because they didn't test again Opera 11.60 ^_^
  • Cryio