Google Aims For Windows With New Window-based ChromeOS

The look and feel of ChromeOS distances itself from the browser and is now much closer to a traditional, window-based operating system. Google also supplies 50 wallpapers with ChromeOS Dev 19.0.1084.17.

Other changes include file support for TAR, GZ and BZIP2, a media recovery tool, as well as an updated scratchpad app. The update is only supported by the Chromebooks Samsung Series 5 and Acer AC700, while Google's own Cr-48 will not get this particular version. Google noted that it simply skipped the Cr-48 with version 19, but will provide ChromeOS 20 for the device again. However, it is unclear whether the Cr-48 will actually get the Aura window manager.

Google is offering Aura as a hardware-accelerated UI for Chrome/ChromeOS that is designed to provide much richer graphics and animations than Chrome does today. The idea is to offer a competitive product next to entry-level Windows 8 systems and help a second generation of Chromebooks to be more successful than the initial product range. Rumor has it that fewer than 5,000 Chromebooks were sold last year.

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  • dameon51
    Even if its a good OS, I have my doubts about it ever making much of a dent in windows or mac OS. Both os's are so mature now, and there's a million flavors of linux for those that dont't win or mac.
  • zippyzion
    Just because everyone is being so darn negative...

    I like Chrome OS. I want to see it do better. I see a huge potential for it being used on little media consumption net books or in school libraries. I like the idea of using it in schools or libraries. All we need is an install for some form of desktop and you could buy a $200 Chrome box instead of $500 Dell or $1000 Apple computers. Do you know how much return on investment there would be for tax payers? You could have Chrome boxes that will access the internet just fine, say 20 of them where you would only have 10 computers, and have enough money left over for a few power computers if someone needs one. A Chrome box would be amazing for public internet terminals. Someone has dropped the ball on this one.
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  • livebriand
    Ehh... now if they made a full on desktop OS with good support and apps, people might actually be interested in it.
  • captaincharisma
    if it was similar to windows 8 and had somthing like the start button i could see this beating windows 8 in salkes
  • emperornicon
    windows 8 is terrible it is a space/power hog