Nvidia GTC 2010: GPUs for 3D Audio, Robot Cars

Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference wrapped up for 2010. While we may think of GPUs being the key driver of our graphics – particularly our games – there's some very serious applications that take advantage of the GPUs strengths over traditional CPUs.

Here's a wrap up from the final day:

GPUs used for on 3D Audio

Cancer Research and Supercomputing

Sportvision Augmented Reality Enabled by GPU Computing

Fireside Chat with Jen-Hsun Huang and Quentin Hardy

GTC Closing Keynote Takes GPUs Into the Future with Robot Cars

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  • ares1214
    Less ads more cards!
  • kikireeki
    Looks like Nvidia is walking away from mainstream.
  • nebun
    kikireekiLooks like Nvidia is walking away from mainstream.

    not true, nvidia is just spreading it's wings....very smart idea if really think about it