Grand Theft Auto IV Leaked Online

Rockstar’s highly anticipated shooting and stealing game, Grand Theft Auto IV, was released today online through both scene servers and torrent sites. A group called iCON announced its release, with an nfo posted on scene news site According to iCON, players who decide to source out and download the leak will have to keep in mind that the game is currently a PAL release as well as not being region free. iCON did not indicate whether or not an NTSC release was coming.

The official game is due within a week, and iCON warns that if the GTAIV release is played, users should take their consoles offline or risk getting their units banned. After the official release however, things "should" be OK to reconnect.

According to iCON:

Setcha xbox live profiles to hide your games list from dirty little spys. or skip online till next monday. otherwise you might get banned for playing this bitch early.

  • SvenBoogie
  • Slobogob
    And it's the xbox version too. I guess software piracy on the PC is overrated.
  • NuclearShadow
    Funny how you forget to mention the group says in the nfo to buy the game because its worth it.
  • skittle
    also note: Europe only
  • Icehearted
    I doubt this will hurt sales too much. It's most likely a terrific game, most likely worth every penny, and most likely something the fans will pay to support 100%.
  • aziraphale
    This is nothing more than the usual marketing scam; don't you guys get that?
    They leak a flawed version of the game that nobody will play anyway and what they get in return is loads and loads of publicity, even in the mainstream media. It's so simple and has been done before. I just don't get why people are falling for this each and every time; sigh....
  • This isn't a marketing scam, the game is in stores before it actually gets released. If you count how many game dedicated stores there are out there, and the salary that their employees receive you would understand why they leak games. Same thing happened to Halo 3, it wasn't a marketing scam. As a matter of fact most of the people I know downloaded the game and opted not to buy it since they can play on live with it. As to the dude who said software piracy on the PC is overrated, in order to play pirated games on the 360 you need to 1. Buy a PCI SATA chipset if yours doesnt support the flashing process 2. Buy a mod chip (in which case your retarded) 3. Pay for someone else to flash it. In my case it takes less than 3 mintues to flash my drives firmware, but other people, with no knowledge whatsoever usually try or they and succeed or end up bricking their drive, and most opt to pay for it. On top of that in order to play your "backups" you must burn them to a DL DVD, and they aren't always cheap for some people. On the PC you can play your backups off images, never having to reburn them, saving you time and money. I'm not saying I don't enjoy playing my backups on my 360, but its much easier to do so on the PC, albeit the majority of the console fanbase consists of casual gamers who wouldnt really look into breaking their warranty sticker, or risking getting their precious gamerpoints taken away.