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Graphene Monoxide Turns Graphene Into a Monoxide

Graphene Monoxide (GMO) can be scaled into mass production much easier than pure graphene, said says Junhong Chen, professor of mechanical engineering and a member of the research team at UWM. He also confirmed that GMO is semiconducting, which expands the use of graphene beyond conductors and insulators.

According to scientists, GMO complements the characteristics of the existing graphene and enables the material family to be a complete solution for future electronic devices. GMO's foundation is the insulator graphene oxide (GO), which turns into GMO when heated in vacuum. The scientists said that heat causes carbon and oxygen atoms in GO to be aligned and transition to an "ordered, semiconducting GMO." Different temperatures resulted in the creation of four new materials during the experiment.

Apparently, the discovery was an "accident," as it was not the expected result when GO was heated.

“We thought the oxygen would go away and leave multilayered graphene, so the observation of something other than that was a surprise,” said Eric Mattson, a doctoral student at UWM.

The scientists also noted that GMO has only been created in a "small lab" environment and they were not sure what problems they may encounter when scaling the production.

  • freggo
    "Graphene Monoxide Turns Graphene Into a Monoxide"

    Is it just me or does the headline not make any sense ?

  • cheddarlump
    These schnozberries taste like schnozberries!
  • JamesSneed
    Nope the title make zero since at all. By the title Graphene Monoxide (which was created from heating Graphene) turns Graphene into a Monoxide. Chicken meet your egg.

    Maybe "Heat turns Graphene Into Graphene Monoxide"
  • blazorthon
    This is an interesting article, but I have one problem with it:

    Graphene Monoxide Turns Graphene Into a Monoxide

    Am I missing something, or is there a typo here? That seems to be like saying that alloying steel with aluminum makes the new alloy turn the steel into an aluminum alloy. It's like trying to state the obvious, but then not making sense when you actually think about the sentence.
  • stingstang
    freggo"Graphene Monoxide Turns Graphene Into a Monoxide"Is it just me or does the headline not make any sense ?Yea, it's more like "Heat turns Graphene oxide into Graphene monoxide"
  • hythos
    The effective result, is the Graphene "burning" without decomposing. The end result is a carbon (graphene)-oxide material that is exceptionally efficient at thermal transfer (according to their accidental discovery). It seems similar to how Thomas Edison created his Carbon filiments.
  • Parsian
    This is a Noble Prize discovery. Mark my word ;)
  • Suggested title change: "Thermolysis of Graphene Oxide in an Oxygen-free Environment Produces Graphene Monoxide"
  • jamie_1318
    The title is awful. Please fix it. It makes zero sense. Any Editor should catch that. Graphene monoxide does not make graphene into a monoxide, the researchers did that.
  • jaber2
    The best things are discovered by accident, like peanut butter with chocolate.