Scientists Invent Graphene for Wearable Electronics, Mirrors

The new material is call GraphExeter and is based on two graphene layers with ferric chloride molecules between them. According to the research report, ferric chloride greatly improves the electrical conductivity of graphene, but do not affect its transparency.

The inventors believe that their GraphExeter is more flexible than indium tin oxide (ITO), which is the primary conductive material used in electronics today. Due to its transparent and flexible characteristics, GraphExeter could be used in a wide variety of electronic devices including traditional products such as computers, phones and solar panels, but also in wearable electronics such as digital t-shirts and even "smart mirrors".

According to scientists, GraphExeter is the first true alternative for ITO, which they expect to run out of supply by 2017. The research group is currently developing a spray-on version of GraphExeter, which could be applied straight onto fabrics, mirrors and windows. There was no information when the material could become commercially available.

  • doive1231
    GraphEx sounds better.
  • elcentral
    cool display glasses some one! :b
  • punnar
    Windshield HUD?
  • thezooloomaster
    How about electronic breathable fabrics to replace Gore-tex? Here we go $50'000 jacket!
  • trumpeter1994
    punnarWindshield HUD?Pretty sure that some corvettes already have one.
  • Zetto
    "the first true alternative for ITO, which they expect to run out of supply by 2017."

    Wait, run out of electronics material supply? Why hasn't this been in the news before?
  • freggo
    With all the Graphene news we should find out who the major manufacturers are.

    Stock buying tips anyone ? :-)

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    Your jacket is now dry
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    michaelsswYour jacket is now dry

    Still waiting for my hover board....
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