More Graphics Card Makers To Start Selling IGP Motherboards

Taipei (Taiwan) - With falling demand for entry-level discrete graphics cards, and even mid-range cards in some cases, due to improvements in motherboard IGP performance, several graphics card makers have taken steps to enter the motherboard market.The makers who have started to launch motherboard products include PowerColor (Tul), XFX, Sapphire, BFG, Gainward, Inno3D, Galaxy and Zotac.

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  • Blessedman
    Have we not been through this cycle before? Before people realize they cannot upgrade their mobo as easily as a grfx card.
  • Pei-chen
    XFX has been in the motherboard market for a while.
  • trainreks
    ^^but its just recently they have added integrated graphics.
  • PGHammer
    It's not just about performance improvement in integrated graphics, but about *price*. IGP remains extremely inexpensive compared to traditional discrete-only graphics solutions. Besides, there is nothing stopping an IGP-based motherboard from offering a discrete-graphics option: Intel does this with most of the G-series (from bottom-fisher G33 to high-end IGP G48). Both ATI and nV certainly *could* do the same (ask them why they don't).