Report: New Intel Desktop Chips Coming Soon

Intel typically doesn't let on about new processor models until launch time, but motherboard makers have to know before the market does so that it can prepare the hardware and BIOS to support the new chips.

According to DigiTimes' sources at motherboard companies, Intel will be rolling out new desktop options along with some lower price points.

Supposedly coming this month is the hexacore Core i7-970 at $885. Also this month will be a pair of Core i5 chips, the i5-870S and the i5-760 at $350 and $205, respectively.

Then in August, a Core i3-560 will debut at $138, while the Core i7-950 will fall from $562 down to $294.

Intel will also be rolling out new Pentium and Celeron value-oriented chips throughout the summer and fall. Check out the full list here.

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  • paigeinfull
    Good news but the 970 is way too expensive
  • rpmrush
    When will we see a 32nm Quad for the 1156 socket. They still don' have one for the 1366 socket. I want a quad with the efficiency overclocking abilities of 32nm. Still waiting. Intel Dual cores had this advantage for a while.
  • rohitbaran
    The prices are being cut, but still not that fast. The dominance of Intel is causing this. Real bad.
  • Other Comments
  • paigeinfull
    Good news but the 970 is way too expensive
  • Anonymous
    No wonder. Fry's was having a sale - core i7 930 + a Tom's recommended x58 mobo for like $380. Yay upcoming price cuts!!
  • jonpaul37
    Very nice prices for the i5-760 & i7 - 950, now if i can only get a raise at work...