Handy Games’ ‘Townsmen VR,’ ‘Devil And The Fairy’ Let You Play God

Handy Games today released Townsmen VR, a virtual reality city building game that allows you to toe the line between benevolence and malevolence. But if you prefer a darker alignment, wait for the developer's other game, Devil and the Fairy, to drop next week.

Townsmen VR is like Sim City meets Black & White. You play as a giant god who oversees a small island, and the people who live on the island rely on you for guidance. You must assign jobs to your villagers to attain resources and construct buildings to build your town.

As the god of the land, you can control the weather to help or hinder your people. You can take a hands-off approach and watch the people do what they want, or you can take their free will away and force the people to do your bidding. And if you have a sadistic side, you can be a malevolent god and terrorize the people.

Don’t hinder your people’s progress for too long, though, lest the Dark Knight swoop in with his army and take over your land.

Townsmen VR is available now on Steam for $10. The game supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It does not offer a multiplayer mode.

Handy Games also has a dungeon defense game coming out next week called Devil and the Fairy. In this game, you’re still a god who towers over the world, but you don’t get the choice to be a benevolent being. In this game, you’re the Lord of Darkness, and you don’t have time for fun and games. The underworld is under attack from human invaders, and you must use every tool in your arsenal if you hope to maintain control of your realm.

Set traps to slow the human army down and send your goblins in to take them out. And if your army fails to contain the threat, you can cast fireballs at the humans to finish them off.

Handy Games said that Devil and the Fairy would be available on Steam on February 12. It has not yet announced the price.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.