Report: Haswell-E, X99, DDR4 to Arrive August 29

Considering the flood of X99 motherboard reveals we've been covering lately, it's somewhat refreshing to hear something about the Haswell-E CPUs themselves. We already have a good idea of the CPU’s specifications, but we weren’t sure about a release date yet. Now, Hermitage Akihabara, a Japanese website, has posted a new release date.

We expect three CPUs to arrive: The Core i7-5820K, the Core i7-5930K, and the Core i7-5960X. Rumored specifications are in the table.




L3 Cache

PCI-Express Lanes


Expected Price


6 / 12

3.3 GHz

15 MB


140 W



6 / 12

3.5 GHz

15 MB


140 W



8 / 16

3.0 GHz

20 MB


140 W


Originally we expected the Haswell-E CPUs along with the accompanying X99 motherboards and DDR4 memory to debut sometime mid-September. As it turns out, the platform launch could be a little sooner than expected, with the official availability of parts possibly taking place on Friday, August 29. This is still a rumor, but August 29 is a lot more specific than “mid-September”, and a number of product releases are also pointing towards the end of August as a release date. For now, let’s just wait and see.

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  • de5_Roy
    looking forward to reading toms reviews in the near future. :)
  • neon neophyte
    the 5960x made its way to reviewers but was delidded, the solder tore the cpu apart. what a waste, we could have had performance numbers. now we have a picture of a destroyed cpu. sigh.
  • Leamon
    $400 for a hypertheaded hexa core... wow intel is ahead of the game!