The Heatsinks of Computex in Pictures

One of the most interesting things that we get to see on the show floor of Computex are the plethora of different cooler designs. Feast your eyes on the photos below:

  • Kill@dor
    WoW! Asus is making some monster coolers
  • rooket
    Wow looks cool. I'm still sticking with stock cooler but those are fancy to look at.

    Asus coolers? lol, I guess get one if you don't mind faulty fans :)
  • gwolfman
    Too bad you have to click twice to get a large picture, how lame!
  • grieve
    Any 4870x2 heatsinks?
  • anamaniac
    Wow... I've seen dogs smaller than some of those.

    I want the huge cylindrical horizontal heatsink in the 4th last picture. Looks sick.
  • xpont8
    woah! monstrous! hehe!
  • doomtomb
    Prolimatech Magalems is the best
  • FSXFan
    Who made the huge round one? It should have a giant cage fan in it.

    I like the round Thermaltake fan but it's expensive and reviews say it doesn't perform well for the price. If the other round one had a big fan and good performance I would get a new case just to run it.
  • bin1127
    that left one in second last row is pretty nasty. can cool your computer and dig a underground tunnel afterwords.