HighPoint to Release PCI-E 2.0 SATA 6Gb RAID

Looking to add next-generation SATA to your desktop system with PCI-Express 2.0? HighPoint could have one of the first answers available to computing enthusiasts with its Rocket 600 series.

The Rocket 620 and 622 features a second-generation Marvell SATA 6Gb/s controller and is compatible with PCI-Express 2.0 technology, which offers 500MB/s of throughput. The Rocket 600 series are backward compatible to PCI-Express 1.0 technology and SATA 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s devices.

The Rocket 620, which will retail for $69.99, has two internal SATA connectors, while the $79.99 Rocket 622 has two external eSATA connectors. Sadly, you can't get both on one single card yet.

Those looking to squeeze more performance or reliability out of his or her systems can wait for the RAID version, which will be appropriately called the RocketRAID 600 series, in early December.

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  • deadlockedworld
    Damn. Another reason I should have bought a better motherboard...
  • agentjon
    $70 for RAID-0 or 1?
    No thank you.
  • kyeana
    Would you be able to boot from these?