'Hitman' Story Details Emerge, Pre-Orders Include 'Blood Money' Requiem Pack

After recently changing its content release plans, Square Enix and IO Interactive are back with additional details about what to expect for the first season of Hitman.

In past Hitman titles, the story revolved, appropriately so, around Agent 47 as he eliminated one target after another. However, the new game will focus on multiple characters such as 47’s contract handler Diana Burnwood, the International Contract Agency (ICA) and other main characters. In addition to the main storyline, Hitman will include standalone missions. At first, these two modes will go down separate story paths, but they will eventually intertwine throughout the first season to unveil a bigger story.

One month before the game’s launch, players will be able to try out a beta version of Hitman (Feb. 12 for PlayStation 4, Feb. 19 on PC). This small preview will show how Agent 47 was recruited into the ICA, where he eventually meets Burnwood.

Obviously, access to the beta requires a pre-order of one of three versions of the game. The Intro Pack ($15) includes the Prologue and Paris missions, Contracts mode and weekly content. You can also choose to get the Full Experience, which is actually the entire game at the usual $60. Finally, there’s the Collector’s Edition for $140 that includes 47’s tie, an artbook, a special collector’s box and a statue of the famed assassin.

All pre-orders also include the Blood Money “Requiem” pack, which includes white and red versions of 47’s suit, a silenced (and chromed) version of his signature Silverballer gun, and an explosive in the shape of a white rubber duck.

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  • p8ball4life
    Preorders including DLC? Pass.
  • dstarr3
    How about I just not give Squeenix any of my money until they've finished the entire game? What a radical concept!
  • CMM
    yeah why bother releasing it episodically when they claimed to not be interested in having players pay for dlc or micro-transactions? Is it really so they can monitor major glitches?