Tom's Guide: 8 Tools to Watch Your Home Remotely

Though you probably have no reason to worry about what happens at your home when you're not around, peace of mind is a wonderful thing. Whether you're going on vacation or just want to check in on your dog, the Tom's Guide team has put together a list of tools that will help you keep an eye on your home. Check out '8 Tools to Watch Your Home Remotely' for the full list.

As surveillance technologies like remote control systems and cameras become smaller, cheaper and more sophisticated, people have grown understandably wary, but the evolution of these technologies has its positive sides, too. With cheap, high-quality cameras and software comes the ability to set up your own camera systems to keep track of your home and keep an eye out for your children and loved ones. Whether you're setting up a surveillance system as a deterrent or to provide evidence against burglars, petty thieves and other criminals, the following apps will help you do it. 8 Tools to Watch Your Home Remotely

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