HP Expected to Roll Out AMD-based $599 Notebook

While there’s little to go on in the way of details for this rumor, Engadget today reported that HP is set to introduce an AMD version of the company’s currently Intel-based dv6t notebook.

Just to recap, the Intel version of this laptop comes packing a 16-inch 1366 x 768 display, a Core 2 Duo processor, either 512 MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 or a 1 GB HD 4650 graphics, up to 500 GB of storage and up to 8 GB of RAM.

While the Intel-based currently costs $679.99, Engadget says the AMD-based dv6z will start at just $599.99. This price doesn’t include the $30 coupon at launch and the free HP DeskJet printer you can get via mail-in rebate.

Aside from the fact that this deal screams recession buster and more than likely designed to take advantage of the fact that everyone is penny-pinching like there’s no tomorrow, is anyone actually considering buying one? It is pretty good value and along with the mail-in rebate it seems like the perfect option for students. That said, with the horror stories you guys tell about mail-in rebates and how long they take to come through, we wonder is it worth the heartache.

  • SneakySnake
    about time some companies start removing themselves from the intel monopoly
  • liemfukliang
    If it is goes in Indonesia with relative same price, I bet it will be hot.
  • The Third Level
    Unfortunately Turion doesn't match up to Core 2 Duo....AMD needs a better notebook CPU.
  • Mucke
    Unfortunately Turion doesn't match up to Core 2 Duo....AMD needs a better notebook CPU.

    True for the faster C2Ds, but do you really need that much CPU-power in a notebook? It doesn't hurt, but it's not always worth the money.

    Instead of faster CPUs I would prefer a 45nm-shrink of the existing Turions with less power consumption (-> battery time...).
  • nekatreven
    Well, I won't buy Intel on principle. I'm sure in a lot of ways AMD is a horrible corporate monster too...but they are weak atm and we need them even if they are just a fly buzzing around Intel's head.

    That said, anyone who keeps AMD systems in their lineup gets my vote... I've been kind of sad that it seems like Dell, HP and the like have gone back to mostly Intel.

    As far as mail in rebates. I have never once had an issue and I use them frequently. On the other hand, I worked at Office Depot for two years while I started college and I can tell you most people are just too stupid to actually read the directions and do what they are supposed to (and then they get mad that you, in fact, don't get money back if you don't follow the rules).
  • sublifer
    The Third LevelUnfortunately Turion doesn't match up to Core 2 Duo....AMD needs a better notebook CPU.There any comparison's on the new Turion x2 ultra? I'd like to see how it actually performs. Maybe Toms can get a hold of a few similar laptops and compare them for us?
  • Master Exon
    MuckeTrue for the faster C2Ds, but do you really need that much CPU-power in a notebook?
    Did you miss the graphics chip in it? You'll obviously want a strong CPU for that chip to rely on in games.
  • alberto_lc
    I have a turionX2 and its not as fast as a C2D but it gets the job done. And for gaming and mayor task i have a desktop. One word about HP DV series is that i got the MB burn after only 1year just after the warranty went off. I hear a lot of people had the same trouble with HP laptops. Hope they solve this problem but i will never buy an HP again.
  • hellwig
    For $599, you'd probably be stuck with a Pentium or Celeron intel processor. Comparatively, a Turion should come in rather nicely on the performance side.

    That said, you can get a lot of work done with a simple processor. My work PC is a single-core Celeron processor, and I still manage to compile builds, test software, etc... I think people have been spoiled by these super-fast CPUs, and often times don't even realize they don't need all that expensive horsepower to actually get work done. It can help, but for most people its not necessary. And no, I haven't tried to play Crysis on the Celeron, it IS a work PC afterall.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    I'd plump up the extra $80 for the Core 2 Duo model any day. AMD's solutions right now are weak compared to their former glories. Its such a shame that they can't pull another K7 out of the bag. Intel's dominating AMD like AMD did back then. It looks like AMD's missed out on the new generation of processors already so hopefully they'll be regrouping for the generation following i7, throwing some much needed competition back into the scene.