HWiNFO Adds Support for AMD Navi GPUs and Intel Emmitsburg

The latest version (v6.04) of HWiNFO, a system information and diagnostics utility, comes with preliminary support for Intel Emmitsburg and the upcoming AMD Navi graphics cards.

(Image credit: HWiNFO)

Among the changes in HWiNFO v6.04 are mentions of improved support for AMD's Zen 2 processor microarchitecture, which points to the upcoming AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPUs and preliminary support for Navi graphics cards

Intel Emmitsburg

The other big takeway from HWiNFO v6.04's changelog makes reference to Intel Emmitsburg. The current speculation around the hardware community is that Emmitsburg is purportedly the codename for Intel's forthcoming chipset for its Cooper Lake or Ice Lake processors, or it could be something else entirely. However, HWiNFO v6.04 also added support for Cooper Lake, so we're more inclined to think that Emmitsburg represents Cooper Lake, which is confirmed as the successor to Intel's current Cascade Lake processors.

Zhiye Liu
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